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Free battery check

Qwik Lube offer a free battery check, don’t leave it until the winter comes around call in today for your free check.

  • No appointment necessary
  • Qwik Lube working with local suppliers offer the largest range of Batteries to suit all car types.
  • Not only will Qwik Lube check the condition of your battery we will also check the charging system in your vehicle to ensure a complete health check of the overall system

This simple but effective test which will only take our trained mechanics 5 minutes to complete includes checking the charging system, voltage output and the charging rate of the battery. By checking the results of these tests against the manufacturers specifications we will be able to offer an appraisal of any potential faults and health of this important component of your vehicle.

The battery is the only power source of your vehicle and is required to ensure a trouble free starting process, don’t let yourself become another break down statistic – call in today for your free battery check.

All batteries replaced by Qwik Lube are disposed of in the correct manner as per the European Directive for hazardous waste so you can have peace of mind Qwik Lube is also maintaining a strict disposal policy.

At last a garage that I can trust. How cool and refreshingly different.