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Bonnington Road Edinburgh:

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Qwiklube Fast Fit Tyres

It’s one of our best kept secrets but at Qwiklube we stock a huge range of tyres to fit your driving style and budget. We literally have 1000’s of tyres in stock from Value budget brands right through to Premium tyres at unbelievable prices.

We offer a PRICE PROMISE GUARANTEE that we will not be beaten on price, why not give us a try, call today and ask your centre manager for some prices, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our unbelievable prices.

Tyre Services

Qwiklube offer a range of Tyre Services designed to offer flexibility and choice:

  • Free of charge Tyre Pressure Check
  • Puncture Repair Services
  • Tyre Rotation Service
  • Free wheel alignment check
  • Free Tyre tread depth test
  • A range of Budget and Brand Tyres
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Wheel alignment
  • Replacement safety valves.

At last a garage that I can trust. How cool and refreshingly different.